How To Travel With Your Dogs

Traveling with dogs can be a lot of fun and prevents you from having to board your dogs, but also comes with its own set of challenges. There are certain things you should know in order to travel with dogs safely and effectively.

Use a Crate

The first thing you need to do when traveling with dogs is bring their crate along. This helps in a variety of ways. First of all, your dog most likely feels comforted and secure while in their crate if they were crate-trained. When riding in the car, they might feel more at ease while in the crate. It also provides a secure place for them just in case you have to slam on the brakes or there is a mild accident. When using a crate during your travels, make sure your dog still gets plenty of exercise before getting in the car.

It is not meant to keep them somewhere during the entire trip, but only for being safe while in the car. Make sure your dog knows it is not being punished by being in the crate if you are using it in your hotel room when you need to leave for a little bit. Act positive and upbeat when putting them inside. Also make sure they don't have a leash or collar on when they are inside because this can be a choking hazards.

Traveling in the Car

Aside from using a crate for your dog, there are some other things to keep in mind when traveling by car. First of all, make sure they get enough potty breaks. You might want to pull over a little more often than you would if driving without a pet in your car. Look for cues that your dog needs to go out, such as becoming restless or whining while in the crate. Let them out often, but always take them on a leash. Also give them breaks for food and water, preferably providing water in the crate to have at all times. Also make sure they have toys and blankets inside the crate during the trip.

Staying in a Hotel Room

When traveling with your pet, you are bound to stay in a hotel room at a hotel like Canadas Best Value Inn at some point. There are many hotels that offer pet-friendly rooms for an additional fee. They might also have food and water bowls, and pet beds, though you should still bring your own. When you get to the hotel, take your dog for a walk first to go potty, then head up to the hotel room. Let them look around the room as they will be curious.

Since their bladder is empty, they will hopefully not try to mark the room. Set up their space as it is at home with their pet bed, toys, and blankets. Play with the dog for a while to get them positive about staying in a new space. If you need to leave the room without the dog, try not to leave for too long.

When you travel with your pet, make sure you know about all local veterinarians just in case there is an emergency.