4 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Happy While On A Road Trip

If you plan on taking a road trip with your children this fall to go and visit family, you need to make sure that you plan appropriate entertainment for your children. It can be really difficult for kids to sit in a vehicle for an extended period of time. Since your kids are not the ones driving, time on the road can see to stretch out for them.  

Pack Their Special Toys

The first thing you need to do to keep your kids happy is to make sure that you pack their special toys. If your children have a special animal they like to cuddle up with when they go to sleep, or a blanket that they can't fall asleep without, make sure you pack up these items. Your children will be able to more easily take a nap while you are on your road trip and fall asleep at any hotels you stay at when they have their special toys with them.

Pack An Entertainment Basket

Kids can be easily entertained for hours with simple toys. Pack up a basket for each of your children with toys in it that they can easily play with while sitting in your vehicle. Try to avoid toys that have too many parts that could easily get lost while you are on the road and when you stop at hotels.

To really help keep your kids entertained, pack special toys that you put in their basket every day of your trip. These special toys can be simple; they just need to be toys that your children do not play with every day and that would seem special and novel to your children.

Keep Some Kids Music On Hand

You kids don't need to be playing with toys throughout your entire trip. You can keep your kids entertained in other ways as well. Make sure you load up some of their favorite songs to listen to. Just be prepared to put them on repeat – most young children love to listen to their favorite songs over and over again. 

Download A Few Audio Books

For more chill time, you can also download a few children's audio books. That way, your child can have some downtime as well. Just like during a normal day, your kids don't need to be going, going, going the entire day. Your kids also need some down time while they are on the road. Audio books can also be a great way to calm down your kids when you get to the hotel.

Stop Somewhere Where They Can Stretch Their Legs

Finally, when taking your kids on a long road trip, make sure that you stop somewhere where they can get out and play. Don't just go through the drive-through for lunch. Pick somewhere where there is a play structure, or where you can pick up some fast food and take it to a nearby park with your kids. Make sure you add in a little time for them to play and get tired during your road trip. Try to choose a hotel that has a play area or is near a park so your kids can get out some of their energy before they have to go to sleep as well.

When traveling with young children on a road trip this fall, make sure that you plan ways to incorporate exercise, play time and chill time into your day on the road and into your time at the hotel. Even though the setting is different, providing your child with the same types of activities they do on a normal day will make your road trip more enjoyable for you and your children. Contact a motel, such as Ambassador Motor Inn, for further assistance.