Planning A Hotel Visit? Think About These Ways You Can Get A Free Room Upgrade

If you're starting to put together plans for a trip and have heard about how some people are able to upgrade their hotel room for free, it's important to know that luck has nothing to do with this success. People who take the right series of steps can often find themselves enjoying an upgraded room that can make their hotel visit more enjoyable. While being polite and asking at the right time can help you get this upgrade, preparation begins before you even book your room. Here are three steps you can take before leaving your house to increase your chance of a free room upgrade.

Stay Where You've Stayed Before

Your mission to get a free hotel room upgrade can begin by planning a visit to a hotel you've already frequented in the past (like Clearwater Lodge). When you make your request upon arriving, the hotel staff member will bring up your guest file and if he or she sees that you're a loyal customer, you'll be viewed in a more favourable light than someone who's staying at the hotel for the first time. You can further support this loyalty focused approach by joining the hotel's membership program in advance of your visit.

Keep Your Stay Brief

It's unrealistic to plan a multi-day stay at the hotel and think that you'll get a free room upgrade for the entirety of the visit. Remember that the hotel is a business and if it can have another guest pay for the higher-priced room, that's the desired outcome. It's best, therefore, to keep your stay brief. If you book the hotel for just one night, you're often more likely to have your upgrade request fulfilled because the staff knows that it can possibly have a guest pay full price for the room on the next night.

Reach Out On Social Media

Once you've booked your room for your upcoming stay, don't be a stranger on social media. Follow the hotel's accounts on various social media platforms and post how you can't wait to visit. If there's a manner in which you can compliment the hotel, do so – for example, you could write that booking your room over the phone was a breeze because the desk clerk was exceedingly friendly and helpful. The hotel staff will see you in a positive light long before you arrive to check in, which can help your chance of getting an upgrade for free.