Being A “Good” Tourist

Tourists often get a bad rap. According to some critics, tourists are loud and rude, often damaging the very sites and monuments they came to see. As a responsible individual and all around nice person, you do not want to be considered a bad tourist. The next time you go on a trip, take care to make your behavior above reproach.


You know enough to always be polite, but in your excitement at traveling to new and wonderful places, you may forget your manners. Even though your destination is geared toward attracting and servicing tourists, it is still someone's home. You need to treat the area as you would your own property. Also, tourist vendors deserve the same level of courtesy as the retailers in your hometown do. In short, treat everyone at a tourist destination the way you would if they were "back home" or go further and treat them better. After all, they take a beating every day from the handful of rude tourists that do exist. 

Local Food

Whether you are going abroad or taking a bus tour of your own country, be certain to try the local cuisine. You limit your experiences by ordering the same old same old no matter where you are. Every community has a specialty or two, so try them at a restaurant or even from a street vendor. You may be delighted at the taste, and even if you aren't, you've at least tried to expand your food horizons. You can always stuff yourself with burgers once you get back home. 

Local Interaction

When you travel, talk to the locals as much as possible. They can give you real insights into the cultural differences between you. If communicating requires learning the basics of a foreign language, do so. Even if you are only hundreds of miles aways from home, chances are that the people you meet will have a different perspective on the world than you do. Learning to appreciate differences is one huge benefit of travel. Plus, the locals can give you the inside scoop on the best places to shop and eat. 

When you travel, you have a responsibility to behave well and contradict the bad tourist stereotype. Try to absorb everything new about the experience while respecting the cities or towns you visit. When you are on holiday, it's easy to forget that everything is not all about you. Enjoy yourself, but remember to put your best tourist foot forward. If you're looking for a bus rental for your trip, visit Denny Bus Lines Ltd.