Solo Traveller? Make Safety A Priority During Your Next Motel Visit

The adage that there's safety in numbers is true, but if you're travelling solo, you don't have to feel that your safety is compromised. Whether away from home for business or traveling on a solo road trip, a number of tips will ensure that you're safe from the time you check into your motel to the time you get back in the car the next morning. A key way to increase your safety is to research area motels in advance and be sure to book one with favourable reviews and family-friendly features. Beyond this, here are some worthwhile tips that solo travellers can keep in mind.   

Ask For Your Room Number To Be Written Down

You'll feel safer upon check-in if you quietly ask the motel desk clerk to jot down the number of your room on a slip or paper or on the back of a business card and hand it to you, rather than relay this information to you verbally. If there are other guests waiting in the lobby behind you, you don't want people knowing where you'll be headed. All reputable motels will be happy to provide you this information in this manner.

Request A Room On The Second Level

It's ideal to look at an exterior picture of the motel online before you complete the booking so that you can opt for an establishment with multiple levels. This means that you can request a room on the second level or above. When you're a solo motel guest, you'll feel more comfortable being away from the ground floor.

Be A Smart Parker

The manner in which you park your car can help you feel safer during your motel visit. Aim to park as close to the motel office as possible, given that it will be well-lit. There might be a few handicapped spots immediately adjacent to the office, but try to get a spot next in line. If you can't secure a spot in this area, look for one under a light post. If you end up in a ground-floor room, see if you can park immediately in front of the room so you'll have a short walk to your door after dark.

Ask For A Room Change If You Lose Your Key

Whereas hotels typically use electronic cards to provide room access, many motels give their guests actual keys. If you ever lose your key, don't be afraid to ask to be relocated to another room. The motel clerk will understand this request and should have no trouble honouring it. 

Contact a local motel, such as Deluxe Inn, for further assistance.