Taking A Limo From Vancouver To Whistler Is A Great Start To Your Ski Holiday

While visiting Whistler in the summer is a great way to see the gorgeous mountain and there are plenty of things to do, there is nothing quite like seeing the village in the winter. You may have decided to take a ski holiday in this popular destination and a limo might be top on your list to reach it. There are some great reasons to hire a limo instead of driving yourself and here are just a few reasons why.

Enjoy the Scenery

When you drive to Whistler from Vancouver, you might get the chance to take peeks at the scenery along the way, but for the most part, you need to keep your eyes on the road and you will miss the wonder of the mountains and ocean along the way. When you hire a Whistler limo service, the drive can take you along very scenic areas along the Sea to Sky Highway and past brilliant colored lakes and towering trees. You just might see some of the famous wildlife in the area too such as moose or bears. While you can see all this in a bus or taxi too, a limo provides a relaxing and luxurious experience as well.

Potential Tours

When you hire a limo service, you can potentially get more than just a drive to Whistler as well. You can also book a tour or two to take in sights and even visit museums you might not have gone to otherwise. For example, you could possibly see Whytecliff Marine Park, the first protected marine park in Canada where you could see hundreds of spaces of marine life. There is also Shannon Falls Provincial Park in which you can visit British Columbia's third highest waterfall. There is also the chance you could visit the West Coast Heritage Railway Park where you can enjoy vintage cabooses and rail cars in a natural setting.

Snacks and Drinks

The drive from Vancouver to Whistler takes a few hours to get there and if you are driving yourself or taking a bus, you might get hungry or thirsty along the way. When you hire a limo for the drive to hit the slopes, many limo cars provide snacks and drinks for you to enjoy along the way. You can simply sit back, watch the trees and nature pass by while enjoying your chosen snacks and beverages in the comfort of a luxury vehicle.